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[ENDED] Guild Backdrop Screenshot contest

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:31 pm
by Stryyder
Guild backdrop contest? What is it?
Take the best screenshot you can imagine to display our guildies on the backdrop of the main page. This can be anywhere in the game, and you can be as creative as you want. The idea is that we will be able to cleanly show the maximum number of guildies, while also having an eye-catching backdrop that looks interesting. You know, a good screenshot!

You will have until November 10th to submit your screenies. That will give you time to finish all your Halloween trickstering and still have plenty of time to roam the game looking for a good spot.

Submission Rules & Tips:
  • :idea: Make sure to turn your interface off before you take the screenshot! Check out your controls and set a good hotkey for turning it off and on. (F11 works good)
  • :idea: Don't put your character in the shot. The shot has to be clean so that characters can be placed into the scene.
  • :idea: Please submit only your best screenshot. If you come up with a second, the last one you submit will be the one officially entered into the contest.
  • :idea: Submit your screenies on discord (the larger the resolution, the better) with a note that it is for this contest. If you don't leave a note, i'll assume it's just another random screenshot!
:arrow: Remember, the idea is to have a shot with lots of open room to put characters into. If your screenshot has too much blocking the area where characters could be placed, it won't work.

How will the winner be chosen?
On November 11th, a poll will be posted here in the forum featuring top picks for everyone to vote on the winners. The results of the poll will directly decide the winners.

:mrgreen: Reward: :mrgreen:

1st place:
  • 40 Gold
  • Screenshot will become the new backdrop on the website
  • Playername (Main character name) will be added to the guild history
2nd place:
  • 20 Gold
  • Playername (Main character name) will be added to the guild history
3rd place:
  • 10 Gold
  • Playername (Main character name) will be added to the guild history

Re: [ENDED] Guild Backdrop Screenshot contest

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:23 am
by Stryyder
Congratulations to the winners of the guild screenshot contest!

1st Place - Enchantress Prebba won with a whopping 57% of the votes!

2nd Place - Baaleras
3rd Place - Kilcin

Thanks to everyone for participating! Your rewards are in the mail!