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The Clarice Project

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:12 am
by Stryyder

What is it?
The Clarice project started years ago with the idea that we would make characters that were so similar that they would be nearly impossible to distinguish on the fly. We've achieved a level of success in this regard on several occasions. Several are rolling around. You'll see them occasionally in the guild - taking part in a debate (no doubt) with themselves.

How do I take part?
Simply make an Asuran character, selecting the first option from each characteristic segment. Then wear the same armor set as the other Clarice's. Name your character something as similar as humanly/Asuranly possible to: Clarice Desdemona. That way, even if other players have name tags turned on, it's still tough to distinguish Clarice's from one another.

What's the point?
Long ago, we had a dream that we would enter into World versus world with 20+ Clarice's, roll over a hill en masse, summon 4-5 clones apiece, and roll over the map like a swarm of scarabs devouring a forest. Then we could vanish without a trace chaining our mass invisibility skills and our portals together - and completely dominate the map. Think of it! (spreading hands like an old photographer or painter) Just think of it!

How many Clarice's are there so far?
So far there are about 10 Clarice's rolling around the world. The more we can make, the better. The better we make, the more merrier. The merriest we make, the make. Ohhhh shut up Clarice. No, you shut up!

Re: The Clarice Project

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:44 pm
by Stryyder
Because requiring a gem purchase would be stupid, we need to come up with an easy to acquire armor for the Clarice Project. Anybody have ideas of a good lookin' armor set that we can all get? :)

It would be awesome if we just all started looking the same with something like the Asuran armor tiers 1 to 3. But eventually it would be even cooler to all have something like the same legendary stuff! That would be sweet. :D

I can definitely chip in a bit to help if someone needs help getting whatever armor we decide on. We can put a poll up and vote once some ideas get put forward.